Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Weeks Of Hotel Living

Well, it's been two weeks since we moved into the hotel. Last night, Daddy said that he doesn't think about our old house and he doesn't miss it. What? How could he say that? We miss it. We miss our yard. Scout really misses running laps in it. Scout would just break into a run without warning. She would run four laps one way and then turn around and run the other way. The whole time she was running, Mama would be screaming "BE CAREFUL, BE CAREFUL". You see our yard went down a hill and Mama was scared she would run into the fence. We also had a mole problem and our yard was pretty torn up. Mama was so scared we would get hurt.

Personally, I miss running in the house. I would always get in trouble for it, but I still would take off and run until they stopped me. I only got hurt once and that happened a few months after I moved there. I crashed into the wall and broke it. Daddy repaired it several times, but it never looked quite right. I didn't get hurt bad. I just scrapped my leg, but the wall lost a lot of dry wall.

Hotel living is a lot noisier than our old house, but you have to remember that not much happened there. We saw more wildlife than people. We miss the deer, turkey, and birds. We hear people closing doors around here and airplanes fly over quite often. We are getting used to it, but it's not as exciting as you might think. We had a hotel worker come to our room the other day and that's why our beds got stacked. Mama needed to make room for him to walk through the room and then we decided we liked it that way, so during the day we have a stacked bed and at night it is taken down.

The parking lot is full of vehicles of the claims adjusters that are staying here due to the tornado damage nearby. Daddy said the disasters are good business for extended stay hotels. He's been in the hotel business for 24 years, so I guess he knows.

Mama and Daddy are going house hunting tomorrow with the agent, so maybe we will have a fenced yard soon.

The Greyhound Who Is Getting To Be A Pro At Hotel Living

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