Monday, January 10, 2011

Room Service - Sort Of

(Jack hanging out at the old house.)

After Mama and Daddy got home from house hunting, they debated what to order to eat. This city living is definitely different than our old home. Mama cooked about 97% of the time at home and here it's like 50/50. They debated between Chinese food or pizza. Mama decided to give the Chinese food a try. I was more excited over the Chinese food than the pizza we had last week. It smelled so good when it arrived. Mama ordered Cashew Chicken-fried and the sauce came separate, so Mama gave us each a piece of the chicken. Yummy! We tried the fortune cookies and Scout liked them, of course. Scout likes almost everything. I, however, do not prefer sweets and spit mine out. Mama was very happy with the food and said we are definitely ordering from them again. Yeah!

The house hunting did not go well. There was one that Mama said she had high hopes for and it had a huge yard. They discovered that it was a mobile home and modular home put together. Daddy does a lot of research on the homes before they look at them and he found one site that said it was a mobile home. They couldn't figure out how it could be because it looked like a regular house. Mama said it was really nice looking and it was huge. It was almost too big for us since we are downsizing. It needed some repairs, such as a new roof. Anyway, once Daddy and the agent figured out it must be two homes put together, red flags went up. (The big tip off was the heat registers went down the center of the floor in one section - which would be the mobile home part. Also, Daddy said the bathtub was definitely a mobile home bathtub.) The agent told them that they would need to find the tag number that is on all all mobile homes when they re-sell it. That could be a problem because it was completed sided. Since we are cash buyers, it's not an issue for us, but it could be a big problem later on. Daddy was also concerned about how everything was connected together and it just seemed like it could be a big problem. The resale value of it is questionable. It's been on the market for quite a while and maybe other people have figured out the problem, too. Mama was disappointed because she said it had almost everything we wanted, especially a huge yard, but she needs to think with her head and not her heart.

They looked at another house that Mama said was okay, but there wasn't a way to get us to the backyard without going down steps or having to go out the front and then around to the backyard. Mama wants to be able to open a door and let us out. She said she is not ready to just settle for a house yet.

We are still considering one of the homes that they looked at on Friday. Mama says that one is looking more and more promising, but there is something up with that one too. The agent is not responding to our agent with the questions we have. Mama had actually called that agent about a month ago about the same house and he was really rude to her. I guess selling homes is not a priority to him.

We are supposed to get snow later today. Daddy is headed out of town, so we are on our own for the week. Mama said we will order pizza and just hang out together.

(Scout in the snow in 2008.)

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