Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's Happened Again

We woke up this morning to more snow. This is the most so far this year. We think we have about a foot here. We could get a few more inches. I know the pictures look the same as the ones we took last week or whenever we had our last storm but they are new pictures. It seems like it snows all the time here. We've been here four weeks today and it has snowed at least three times.

Mama took us out separately this morning because she said she didn't feel like both of having a bad reaction to the snow at the same time. We will have to go out again in a little while and then we will probably stay in until late afternoon. We really dislike walking in the snow and the sidewalks don't get cleared once you leave the hotel area, so it's hard to walk around.

Daddy is out shoveling snow this morning. He does work for this hotel and they said they would give us a few free nights if he helped them clear the snow. Mama told him to be careful because he's not as young as he used to be. He told her to quit nagging him. :::sigh:::

Spring can come early this year as far as we are concerned.

UPDATE: We just returned from a walk. We both refused to do our BIG business as Mama calls it. The only place we could walk are in the tire marks in the parking lot. Mama said it was okay to do it there, but we are not that desperate YET. We've been watching the snowplow in the parking lot next to us. It looks like an interesting job. You just go back and forth. A snowplow hasn't hit our parking lot yet. We didn't see Daddy while we were outside, but we saw four snow shovels parked in front of the Gatehouse. They must be fueling up on coffee.

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