Monday, January 24, 2011

It's A Slick Monday

We only received about an inch or so of snow yesterday. We were told it could be 3"-5" or maybe more. We were pretty depressed most of the weekend after having nearly a foot last Thursday. We are doing better getting our business done in the snow so that is making for a much happier home with Mama.

This morning, we have some ice on the sidewalk. The hotel has been very good at keeping the sidewalks clear, so we are hoping they will put more salt down this morning. We haven't seen any workers this morning, so maybe they are stuck on the roads getting here. Traffic is moving quite slow in our area.

Mama and Daddy found a house that they really, really like. They are going to put an offer on it this week. It's a foreclosure so they will be dealing with the bank. The bank wants more money for it than Daddy is willing to pay though, so we have to see if we can reach common ground. Mama says that all the flooring has to be replaced before we can see it. She said it is really nasty. Daddy said except for it needing paint and floors, it's in good condition. Eventually, they would put in a new counter top in the kitchen and buy new appliances, but we could live with it until we have the money for that stuff. The funny thing is that Daddy wanted a low maintenance home and this is not, but it is what he has always wanted. It's a log cabin!!! I really don't know what that is, but Mama says it's rustic like our old place and it feels like a home to her instead of just a house. However, we can't get excited yet because we have to see if the bank will work with us on the price.

Daddy is on a business trip this week. He's in Texas. It's warm there. He's lucky. :::sign:::

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