Friday, January 14, 2011

Upstair Neighbors

(Scout relaxing at our old place in 2010)

We had some people move into the room above us yesterday. We are not happy. They are noisy. It sounds like they are stomping around. They are moving furniture and slamming doors. People should be allowed to live above you. It's just not right! It's making us very nervous. We hope they are short-term people and not extended stay people like us.

Mama and Daddy are going to the RV show today. It's a tradition for them. Daddy likes to look and Mama likes to pick up travel information that she never looks at again.

There is a house that just became available that Mama is excited about. The agent sent her photos of it went it was listed in 2006. It was beautiful. It should still be beautiful, right? Well, it's a foreclosure and they are learning that it doesn't take long for a home to go from beautiful to nasty. The pictures on the Internet look good, but there's not any photos of the kitchen which is making Mama wonder because in 2006, it looked nice and why wouldn't they post photos of the kitchen if is still looked nice? Mama and Daddy have been talking about it a lot on the phone and Daddy seems to think the air conditioning is missing. He saw something in a photo that makes him think that. That can't be good. The house has a huge yard and a parking spot for the RV. It's in a nice area and it's in our price range. It seems almost perfect. We are keeping our paws crossed that this is the one. They are probably going to drive by it today and then see it with the agent tomorrow.

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