Friday, September 16, 2011

15 Days Post-Surgery

Well, it's been 15 days since Joey had his surgery and our life has turned very boring. This is a typical day.

When I'm not resting with Joey, I'm helping Mama. I help her give Joey his medicine. If Daddy is home, then I go out with Joey for potty breaks. He goes faster if I'm with him. I can only go if Daddy is home because Mama can't handle me, Joey and the sling.

Joey has been doing good. He's been a little more active the last few days. We think it's due to the cooler weather. Active is not good, so he has to be crated when he won't just lay down. He doesn't always like that, but Mama says he has to be so he can get better. Mama just zips him in his crate and then we all relax for a while. Every night we mark the day off on the calendar. We are so anxious for him to be all better.

The Greyhound Whose Brother Goes Clump, Clump, Clump when he walks

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