Friday, September 23, 2011

It's A Small World

When Mama adopted Jack, she met his half-brother, Woody. Later, through e-mails and this blog, she was introduced to Jack's half-sister, Wanda. Mama met Scout's sister and brother through Greytalk and Scout even got to see her sister again at a greyhound event in Kansas. Her sister lives on the East Coast, but they made the trip to Kansas. Well, imagine my surprise when we discovered this week that my half-sister is none other than Miss Bunny. Bunny and her Mama are the authors of the blog Tales and Tails and they have commented on our blog many times and we have done their same on theirs. We had no idea that Bunny and I were siblings. We do not look alike. I look like our father.

Be My Bubba (Our Daddy)

Me -UCME Bubbasparks aka Joey

Bunny is a blue fawn and definitely takes after her mother's side of the family.

Mama was looking at Bunny's Dogster's account the other day and that's when she figured out we were siblings. We were both born in November, but Bunny was born the year before me. Our Daddy produced 640 offspring, but Mama thinks it's a small world because Bunny was our friend before we ever knew we were related.

The Greyhound Whose Half-Sister Is Just A State Away

Beach Life Is The Best

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