Friday, September 30, 2011

My New ID Tag

Yesterday, Mama told me that the Cardinals made it to the playoffs. I don't know who the Cardinals are and I don't know what the playoffs are, but I know that I have a new ID tag. Mama ordered it earlier in the week and it arrived yesterday.

I look good, don't you think?

My Crate Fever is getting better. I stayed in the office all day with Mama on Wednesday and slept. Yesterday, I slept in my crate outside the office, but Mama left my crate door open. I was a good boy and stayed in my crate, but it sure was nice knowing that I could get out if I wanted to.

In the evening, I lay in my bed waiting for Daddy to get home.

Sometimes he doesn't get home until late, but I still wait for him.

Daddy is worth waiting for even though sometimes the wait is a very long time.

The Greyhound Who May Be Getting Cardinal Fever Now

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