Monday, September 12, 2011

A Cast Is A Pain

Hi All,

Not much is really new here. I don't get to do much with this cast on my leg. It's a pain going outside. I have to put an IV bag on my cast so that I don't get it wet and when it rains like it did this weekend, Mama triple bags me with plastic bags. I also have to use a sling so that I don't fall. Mama doesn't like the sling because I like to walk under low branches and now she has to walk under them with me. I've seen several leaves in her hair this weekend. LOL

Mama said I learned to be a whiner at the vet's office. I used to not whine, but if Mama leaves the room, I whine. When she puts me in my wired crate, I whine. So, the last two nights I have slept in my soft-sided crate in the living room with Mama on the couch. Yep, I have her wrapped around my paw. I heard her say that she's not going to do that every night, but we will see.

Saturday, I got upset when Daddy went outside to work. Yesterday, Mama came up with a solution. She put my crate next to the door and I was able to watch Daddy paint the porch.

I watch Daddy outside and Mama inside. It was pretty cool!

Later in the afternoon, I was able to lay on my bed and watch Daddy. Mama sat next to me and I had my leash on, so I wasn't able to make a run from the room.

I watched my first Rams' game. It was not good. I think I should have put my Rams' collar on for luck. I will do that next week.

It's back to hanging out in the office today. Mama and I are counting the days to when I can do more than lay in bed.

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