Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Joey's Vet Visit

Hi Everyone!

I went to the vet last night to have my cast checked. The vet had said he was going to change it, but after he saw it, he said there was no need to change it this week. I have to go back in two weeks and then I will get a new one. Mama asked him if I could go to our group's greyhound reunion on Sunday and he said "YES!". He wants me to come in on Saturday and he's going to do a quick X-ray to make sure my leg looks okay since I will be standing on it more than normal on Sunday. Mama was hoping he would do that last night, but he wanted to wait until Saturday. Mama is anxious to see/hear that everything is healing correctly.

We were disappointed to hear that I have to wear the cast for 6-8 weeks. What?! What happened to the 4-6 weeks? We have a week long camping trip planned in a few weeks and we were hoping my cast would be off by then, but it won't be. The vet said to take the trip and not worry about the cast. Daddy said it's probably better that I will still be in a cast instead of freshly out of it. My foot will be more protected that way. Mama said I will have to take my soft-sided crate because I can't get on the bed. So, we will have to make adjustments and coming in and out of the RV will be harder with my cast, but the vet said I will be fine.

Mama ordered me a cast protector last night. She found them online last week, but didn't want to order one until she knew I would be in my cast for a while. She hopes it makes it easier taking me outside. Mama told the vet that I have an iron bladder and it drives her crazy at times because she thinks I should have to go and I don't. My record so far is 16 hours. The vet said he wished he had a bladder like mine.

Oh, Scout signed my cast. Do you see it? LOL

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