Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's My Gotcha Day....Again

Scout here reporting on a very important day. It's my 4th Gotcha Day! This past year has been crazy. Last year, we were busy will trying to sell our house and then in November we did sell it after we took it off the market. We packed and moved in two weeks. We lived in a hotel from December 23rd to April 7th. Living in a hotel was quite an adventure. It was small and we had to be walked in all sorts of weather. We learned about city life and some of it was not good. We had a lot of snow last year and I wanted to run and play in it, but I couldn't. We thought we would have a wonderful year in our new home, but then Jack, my big brother and best friend, died just three months after we moved in. I was so lonely, so we decided to find me a new brother and in July, along came Joey. Well, as you know, Joey has been an adventure. He was here a week when we learned that he would need to have surgery. We have never really been able to play together, but I do like him...sometimes. I will be happy when he is able to run and play and doesn't get so much attention.

The Story of How I Came To My Forever Family

Four years ago today, I packed my bags in Tulsa, OK and headed to St. Louis to meet my forever family. My foster Mama, Debbie, told me that my new family saw my picture on the Internet and decided they wanted me. I never knew I was being "advertised" on the Internet. It made me feel a little cheap, but foster Mama told me that my new family had been carefully screened and I would be very happy.

Here I am after I first got out of the car. I'm wearing the blue muzzle. Jack is behind me.

Here I am meeting Daddy for the first time. I'm nervous, so I'm not looking at him.

Okay, the Daddy man might be okay. I'm the one in the front. I know, Jack and I looked alike back then. Jack developed more grey over the years, but so did I.

Here I am ready to start my new life. I don't know why I was scared, but I was.

Jack wasn't happy that I was coming home with him. He was told he was getting a sister, but he thought a sister was a new toy, not another hound.

So, after four years of living with my forever family, I have to say it's working out quite well. Mama and I had a few bumps in the beginning. She wanted to call me Katie. Do I look like a Katie? I'm a huge girl, I'm not petite. I don't like pink. I'm a tomboy. Katie doesn't work for me. My name is Scout and that's just the why it is. Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird was a tomboy, so maybe that's why I was given the name. I don't know, but it's my name and it suits me. Mama does call me Scoutie from time to time and that's okay, but Katie is a big NO for me.

The Greyhound Who Is Celebrating Four Years With Her Forever Family

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