Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Know What I Want

As you may remember, I never lived in a home before now. I lived on a farm and then about a month before I moved here, I lived in a kennel. I don't have a lot of life experience, obviously. I love watching people and things. Mama laughed at me Monday night on the way to the doctor's office because I fell in love with a motorcycle. What could be better than having the freedom of no doors and windows and feeling the wind blow your ears? Mama asked me how I would ride on it. I was so disappointed because I didn't know how I would ride on it. My disappointment didn't last long because we pulled up next to a FedEx truck. Now, that is something I could ride in and there are no doors! I definitely could get a good breeze in one of those. I spent the night dreaming about getting a FedEx truck. Yesterday, while I was outside, a Hostess truck passed by. Okay, now that has to be the ultimate vehicle. It has open doors and food! The smell of Twinkies lingered in the air after he passed. I want a Hostess truck!!!! I told Scout about the Twinkies and she said she would give me her treat fund money to help buy us a truck. Mama helped us search the Internet last night and the blue book value of one truck we found was $12,000. Yikes! That's a lot of treat fund money. It could take me a long time to reach my dream. I'm thinking I may need to go back to racing, but I will probably have to put that off until next year since I'm in a cast right now. I guess for now, Scout and I will just chew some bully sticks and dream about our Hostess truck.

The Greyhound Who Knows What He Wants!

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