Thursday, September 1, 2011

Joey Received A Package Today

We heard this morning that Joey is doing well. He is eating. Mama was happy to hear that. Mama is so much happier since the surgery is over.

Joey received a big package today. Mama said it's a new soft-sided crate that our group, Greyhound Companions of Missouri, bought for him to use while he heals. Wasn't that nice of them? After he is finished with it, it will be available when another grey needs it.

I told Mama that there is no way he is going to fit in that bag.

Mama took it out of the bag and it turned into this:

It looks cool, but I'm not going near that thing. Mama might zip me up inside of it.

It has tent stakes, so Joey could even camp in it. Hey, I have an idea! Joey could camp in it when we are camping in the RV. That would be perfect! LOL

It looks pretty roomy from what I can see from across the room. It has a bed in it, but Mama is going to add more comfort to it. You should see how much stuff she has in his wire crate. This crate is nice because it can easily be moved from room to room. The metal crate is heavy and has to be taken down to be moved from the room. Also, this one will be softer if Joey bangs his leg. I think he will like it.

He is also getting an X-pen that is coming next week. We think that will take up most of our living room, but that is fine. It will be like we are having a big slumber party.

Mama ordered bully sticks today. I get to help him chew some of those. Yum!

Thanks again to everyone for thinking about Joey.

The Greyhound Who Hopes Joey Heals Quickly!

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