Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Strange Weekend

Mama is almost always with us.  This past weekend, she took a motorcycle class which meant that it was just Dad at home with us. It was the first time that we have had him all to ourselves for that long - two full days.  It was different having Dad with us, but it was fun.  We had a nice relaxing weekend of sleeping, watching movies, sitting outside and more sleeping.  He didn't run the vacuum or the washing machine which made us very happy.

Mama learned when we were in Houston that she had to take a motorcycle class to receive her motorcycle license for Buddy.  (Buddy is her scooter.)  She really didn't want to take the class.  She waited until we moved here because there was a class that was only a few miles from home. The one in Houston was an hour away and she would have to be driving in rush hour traffic.  It also meant that we would be left home alone for 12-13 hours and she refused to do it.  There is a scooter only class offered here, but it was also about an hour away. The folks drove to the location the week before and Mama decided she would take the regular motorcycle class instead.  It is a good thing she did because the weather on Sunday turned icy and she would have had a very long drive home.


Saturday was the first day of class.  Mama was the only girl and definitely older than all the boys.  There were five "boys".  They all rode motorcycles and Mama rode a scooter.  The first part of the class on Saturday was in the classroom and the second part was on a course.  The weather on Saturday was about 80.  Mama got overheated at one point due to all the gear. (helmet, long sleeves, gloves and boots) She drank two bottles of water and was fine.  The second day of the class, they started out on the course because bad weather was predicted and the instructor wanted to get them inside as soon as possible.  It was very cold and all their hands were freezing even with their gloves.  They ended the class with ice on their helmets and coats.  BOL! 

Mama said the class was fun and she learned a lot. She would have enjoyed it more if she wasn't so worried about passing.  She said if she failed, she was selling Buddy.   She learned to weave, stop fast, do a figure 8 (which was her worst thing) and to swerve and stop.  I am sure she learned other things, but those are what she talked about the most.  Her favorite was the stopping fast and the swerving and then stopping.

The boys had the most trouble with learning the clutch.  Mama and the youngest guy were the only ones who didn't drop their bikes.  One guy locked up his front brake and crashed pretty hard.  Another guy dropped his bike during the exam and that was an automatic fail for him.

Mama had to pass a course test and also a written test and SHE DID!  She was so happy when she came home.

Yesterday, Mama took a cab to the license office to take her written test for her license.  She was there for three hours.  She said there were 76 people in line ahead of her.  She passed!  She now has a motorcycle license which means she can ride any scooter or motorcycle.  She is still confused by the state's website concerning scooters  which said if you bought a smaller scooter you didn't have to take a driving test.  Well, it turns out you have to take the class no matter what and once you do that, all you have to do is take the written exam.  (The instructor told her she shouldn't have been required to take the class.  He said it depends on what license office you visit.)  It is very confusing, but she is legal now, more confident, and is ready to ride again!


Miss Woe, the resident greyhound here, has died.  She was 12.  Our thoughts are with her folks and her foster sister, Marie.  The campground is not the same without her.

The Greyhound Who Is Sad For Miss Woe's Folks But Happy She Is No Longer In Pain

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