Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Visit To Reunion Tower

We haven't been around for a few days because Mama has a cold and hasn't felt like helping me with the blog. She said her head was "too foggy".  I hate when she has a cold because she coughs, sneezes and blows her nose.  She scares us with all those noises. Eek!

Saturday, the folks decided to visit Dallas.  Their first stop was to a scooter store, Vespa Dallas.  The funny thing is that last year before they bought Buddy, they ate at a Jack In The Box across from that same scooter store.  Mama admired the scooters from across the street, but they didn't look.  She didn't realize they would be visiting that same scooter store on Saturday and Dad didn't either.  Mama said it was fun shopping there and they bought a few accessories for Buddy.

After spending money at the scooter store, they visited Reunion Tower. Reunion Tower was built in 1978.  It is about 1,000 feet from Dealey Plaza which is where President Kennedy was shot.

The tower lights up at night and the colors change for different events.

Mama wasn't really thrilled about going to top of the tower.  She didn't think it was worth the price of admission which was $16 a person.  Dad really wanted to go though, so they went.  Their first stop was the Cloud Nine restaurant.  It is located one floor below the observation deck.  The restaurant rotates.  Mama thought that was pretty cool.  They ordered their lunch and sat at their table as their view changed.  The food was actually good.  Mama ordered the Farmland Burger and chips for $12. Dad ordered the BBQ Turkey Burger and a salad.  They were both happy with their lunch.

Farmland Burger with homemade chips

This is one of the many views from their table.

See the people standing in the street?  They are standing on the X that marked the spot where JFK was shot.  Mama finds this area interesting, but such a sad part of our history.

Dad works in one of these buildings.  It is one of the beige ones in the back.

Cool bridge
Nice landscaping.

Photo from observation deck.

Pretty lights inside observation deck.

Screens let you see over landmarks in Dallas.
Mama said she enjoyed visiting Reunion Tower but what made it really special was the rotating restaurant. She said she enjoyed that much more than just being on the observation tower.  She still thinks it is expensive though.

On the way home, they passed by some cattle.  BOL!  Mama would have liked to stopped, but she really wasn't feeling that good and was ready to get home.

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