Friday, March 7, 2014

Greyhound Companions On-Line Auction Begins Today

Our greyhound group, Greyhound Companions, is holding their first ever on-line auction beginning today.  Remember how much they helped me when I had my surgery?  We may be on the road and far from home, but they are still there for us.  We love this group!

This is me after my surgery in 2011,
 We looked through the auction items last night and Mama picked out what she hopes to win.  I bet there is something that will interest you too!

Won't you help the hounds?

Here is the link - Greyhound Companions On-Line Auction.  Bidding begins today at Noon central time and ends on March 15th at 7 pm central time.  Good luck!

The Greyhound Who Is Super Excited To Promote This Auction

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