Thursday, March 27, 2014

Weekend Eating

It has been kind of a boring week here since Mama has been sick.  Since she was feeling bad on Monday, she ordered Pizza Hut for dinner.  Yum!  Well, we just had a few of the pizza bones, but still yum!  Tuesday night she fixed one of her favorite meals that is so easy.  It is from one of her favorite cookbooks which is by Campbell's.  It is a short cut lasagna.  Mama changes it a bit though and uses meat lasagna and she uses a five Italian cheese.

Short Cut Lasagna
Speaking of food, do you want to see what the folks ate on Saturday night?  You know you do!  BOL!  They went to their favorite Mexican restaurant.  Actually, they didn't know there was one here.  They have eaten at the chain in Houston many times.  It is called Pappasito's Cantina.  Dad says the food is excellent, but more expensive than most Mexican restaurants.  Mama was disappointed that they do not serve the avocado salsa here like they do in Houston.  The Houston locations serve a regular salsa and the avocado salsa.  Another difference they found is that the location here serves green and red peppers and they do not do that in Houston.

Dad's meal had shrimp, steak and an enchilada.

Mama had the burrito with steak, refried beans and rice.

Do you want to know what they did on Sunday? The folks went to Camping World and bought a surge protector for the motor home.  Dad has been wanting to get one ever since we were camping with Grandpa several years ago (BJ - before Joey) and when Grandpa plugged in, it burned up the electrical.  Mama said she saw smoking coming out of their RV.  Mama doesn't remember all the details, but there was something wrong with the outlet that they plugged in, like maybe it was wired and marked as a 30 amp and they had a 50 amp.  It was not good and caused a lot of damage.  Dad finally broke down and bought us a surge protector.  It was $350 and that was on sale.  He didn't want to spend that much, but decided we had pushed our luck long enough by not having one.

A dog shirt that Camping World sells.  I NEED THIS!  BOL!

On the way home from Camping World, the folks stopped for dinner at BJ's Restaurant.  They ate at this chain when we stayed in Houston the very first time.  Can you believe that we have been on the road for almost two years?

Corn Fritters with Bacon Aioli - this is basically a hush puppy with jalapenos, a spicy sauce and bacon.
Dad's Calamari
Mama's salad

Dad's Jambalaya

Mama's steak with horseradish mashed potatoes

Inside the restaurant

The steak was good.  I know because I got a couple of bites!

I think I have caught you up on the weekend happenings.

The Greyhound Who Loves A Good Steak Or Even A Bad One ~ BOL!

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