Monday, March 10, 2014

Oops! We Have Already Been To This Park

We had a nice weekend. Saturday, Dad took the Jeep in to have new brakes put on it.  He also wanted to have the air conditioner repaired.  Their first suggestion was to replace the whole thing for $1,200. Dad said no because they didn't want to take the time to figure out what was wrong, they just wanted to replace the whole thing. They then said they can charge it up and see if that works.  Dad is an AC guy and doesn't think that is the problem, so he left aggravated.  He wasn't exactly pleased with how they handled replacing the brakes, but we will just let that go.  BOL!

The folks then went to Babe's Chicken House for lunch.  There are no pictures which is sad because Mama said the place was really neat.  However, it was so dark inside that Mama's cell phone couldn't get any photos.  The place is decorated like a small town on the inside.  Diners have a choice of fried chicken, chicken fried steak, fried catfish or chicken tenders.  The sides are served family style and those include salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn and biscuits.  The sides are all you can eat.  Mama had fried chicken and she said it was half a chicken. Dad had the catfish.  They said the food was good.

After lunch, the folks went exploring. They stopped at a cool RV store, Camping World and Bass Pro Shop. They ate dinner at Uncle Buck's Steak House.  Mama said it was really good. The inside was pretty impressive with stonework and timbers.  She took photos, but they are on her cell phone and this computer doesn't like the cell phone. We are not doing well with showing you the neat places today, are we?  BOL!

Yesterday, the folks took us to Cedar Hill State Park.  Mama told Dad that she thought we had been there last year.  He said "No".  She said "I think we have."  He said "No".  Mama said "The website says there is a farm to explore. Where did we explore a farm? Was it in Chicago?" When we pulled in, Dad said "Yep, we have been here before."  BOL  Mama was bummed because she wanted to explore a new place.  We didn't care.  It all smelled new to us.  BOL!  Here is our post from last year when we explored Cedar Hill State Park.  The photos here are from yesterday.

There is an old farm to explore.

Lots of smells.

Scout really liked sniffing everything.

On our way to the duck pond. We are going to see DUCKS!

Stones tell us what tracks we are seeing.

Here we come ducks!

It is important to stay on the trail.

Get ready ducks!

What?  Where are the ducks?

Bummer, I wanted to see the ducks!
Look at this bird house!  It is huge!
It was a fun day!  We are tired and ready to head home.
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