Friday, March 28, 2014

Leaving The Lone Star State...Again

Well folks, it is time for us to leave Texas. Scout is sad to leave here because she is addicted to the "treat trucks". She is not happy with the heat that has come in this week though. Mama told her that we are moving to cooler weather, at least for a little while.

Yesterday, Mama took Buddy to the store.  The folks were supposed to do their grocery shopping last night but Dad had to work late.  Mama thought she might have to make two trips because she needed food for our travels.  She was able to get everything in one trip.  She was quite impressed that she was able to put everything in her basket and in her seat compartment.  She said the bread, chips and donuts were a challenge though.  BOL!

This is what Buddy carried home yesterday.  Some of the items are hidden, which is unfortunate because the amount of items was impressive.
Mama said that she has only seen one other scooter while here.  She is approached almost every time she is out on her scooter by people asking questions about it.  Everyone seems to think it would be a fun way to travel and they really like the gas mileage that it gets.

The folks contributed to the economy while they were here.  Mama got a new laptop, new glasses, took her motorcycle class, both vehicles were inspected, a surge protector was purchased, a new Mi-Fi, new brakes for the Jeep and some accessories for Buddy.  I bet there are other things, but those are the major ones that we can remember.  Oh, Mama ordered us business cards for our blog.  We had those sent to our "home" address and will have them forwarded when we reach our next destination.  We have been asked if we had business cards several times and now we do!

Signing off from the great state of Texas.  See you in the Midwest!

The Greyhound Who Is Waving Good-Bye To Texas Once Again

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