Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bad Photos Of Scout Are More Fun Than Good Ones

Mama said it is not nice to always post bad photos of Scout even though they are funny. She said I should post some nice photos of her.  Sheesh!

There, I did it.  BOL!

We have been scoring treats almost every day.  One day, the treat man was on a riding lawnmower and Mama told us we were out of luck, but she was wrong.  He turned off the lawnmower and gave us a treat.  SCORE!  Mama says we are getting very spoiled.

Everyone seems to love the time change here.   It was almost like a party with all the people and dogs walking about the other night. We got a lot of loving and sniffed a lot of dogs.

We heard that they are going to start work on the dog park here today. We hope it is finished soon.

Time is running out on the auction we have been telling you about.  There are still some really good deals. Greyhound Companions On-line Auction

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