Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Dog Park Is Open!

The campground has installed a dog park.  We thought it was going to be near the office.  There is a nice place for it there, but there isn't any shade.  We were told last week that they were starting on it, but each day we passed by the office and no dog park.  Imagine our surprise when we saw a fenced area in the woods. We came across a Cocker Spaniel who was headed to the dog park.  His owner told us it opened on Tuesday.  We couldn't believe it opened without us knowing about it.

The park is really nice.  It is going to have nice shade during the summer.

It has a gate that can be closed to make it into two fenced areas instead of a large one.

It is definitely nice to be off leash again.

Scout wanted to run, but I was too busy to play.  I had to mark my areas, of course.  It will be a job keeping it marked so that all the other dogs know it is mine.  BOL!

The Greyhound Who Is Happy To Have A Fenced Area To Explore

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