Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happenings Around The Campground


I am happy to report that we are getting treats from the "treat man" almost every day.  If we take a walk between 8:30 am and 9 am, we are pretty likely to get a treat.  We were running late this morning and I thought we were going to miss out.  We saw him giving treats to some other dogs but he left before we reached him.  Scout was wanting to run to catch him. BOL!  Yep, the treat man really motives Scout to take walks. 

Mama says we are getting spoiled because if we see a golf cart, we think we should get a treat.  I am embarrassed to say that we have tried to get treats from people who don't have them.  There are three golf carts with treats and two of them have the good ones. Scout still refuses to take plain biscuits.  I don't want to make the treat man feel bad, so I take Scout's.  BOL!

One time, I was busy watching a squirrel and the treat man stopped and handed Scout a treat.  Mama told him not to bother with mine.  He got out of his cart and put the treat in my mouth and told me to make believe I was crunchy that squirrel.  Mama says she wishes she had her camera because I was concentrating on the squirrel and crunching a treat at the same time.  I love the treat man.


We have a big group of Canadian visitors staying here. They speak French, so I can't understand them.  However, this morning they were standing in a group talking while we walked by and one of them said "Wee Wee".  I know what that means, so I went wee.  BOL!


We thought we would start posting an older photo of us on Thursdays.

Me in Feb 2013 showing my displeasure over the "No Pets Allowed" sign.

Scout modeling a hat Mama knitted in Feb 2013.
The Greyhound Who Thinks All Campgrounds Should Hand Out Treats

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