Tuesday, June 16, 2009

200th Post!

Wow, 200 posts! If Mama would have told me sooner, we would have planned something really special for you.

Let's see, I can show you a cute photo of me.

You may think I look funny, but I love my jammies. They keep me warm and keep me from waking up Mama to cover me up.

Daddy is out of town this week. I have been protecting Mama and Scout. We had storms yesterday and early this morning. The storms woke us up at 2:30 a.m. and Mama said "Jack we need to get your storm buster t-shirt on." So, I ran to Mama and she put the t-shirt on me and we were protected from the evil storms. More storms are coming this morning, so I am dressed and ready for them. The t-shirt makes me feel secure, I think.

We now have our backyard back. Daddy took down the orange fencing that was put up to keep us away from the new grass. Scout is running like a crazy girl. She did eight laps last night. Mama just yells "be careful, be careful". Does she think that really helps?

The Storm Buster

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