Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here he is.... biological Daddy!

Mama and Daddy went to the Greyhound Hall of Fame yesterday and met him. Mama said she can see where I got my good looks. She said Talented Mr. Ripley is very sweet. He lives at the Greyhound Hall of Fame. Mama saw his award for being in the hall of fame.

Scout's Grandfather is there, too, but not him, just his award.

Our Great Grandfather's award is also there.

There are greyhounds camping next to us. Do you want to know how many? 15! That's right, there are 7 in one motor home and 8 in another. Yikes! They have set up a long pen between the two motor homes so they can just come in and out and they run from one end of the pen to the other. Scout and I were surprised to see other greyhounds even though Mama kept telling us we would.

Mama and Daddy took a trolley tour of Abilene last night. The trolley came right to the campground and picked them up. They said it was interesting. Scout and I just waited here wondering if they were going to take us to Sonic for the free root beer floats. They didn't. They came home and took us for a long walk though.

Today, Mama and Daddy will leave us again for a while. They will do some shopping at the greyhound event and then they get to go to a greyhound farm. Mama is excited about that. Tonight, they will go back to the Greyhound Hall of Fame because it is opening tonight just for the greyhound event and offering a discount on shopping.

Tomorrow is even a busier day and we may go with them for some of the seminars. Tomorrow night is the fun run!

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