Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Silly Scout Story

Last night, Scout was outside after dark and she was chasing fire flies. Mama said it was so funny. She thinks that Scout caught one because she seemed to spit something out of her mouth. Okay, I thought that was kind of silly, but here comes the really silly part. Scout is now scared to go outside because of the daytime bugs. Mama has had her out twice today and both times she has run back in the house. The first time, Mama caught her and made her go back out, but Scout refused to do anything. She was very scared, so Mama let her come back in. The second time, Mama didn't make her stay out because she is scared that Scout will not trust her if she keeps making her do things that she is really scared to do. She did all her business this morning on our walk, so we are sure she is fine in that area. She went through this last summer too, but then she was okay. Mama may have to take her out on a leash in the backyard to show her that things are okay. Sisters are so silly.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I'm not telling why just yet though. LOL

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