Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Run - Video

Tonight was the fun run. It was so exciting. I couldn't believe I was back at the track. As soon as I heard the lure, I went nuts. I mean completely nuts. I was trying to get at it. Mama and Daddy both had to hold me down. Daddy ended up taking me out to the car until my turn. When they were putting my racing silks on and I was waiting my turn, Mama had to straddle me to hold me down. I'm sure it was quite funny looking. Daddy was holding unto my collar and Mama was straddling me. Scout didn't care. The lure didn't excite her. We knew that Scout never raised, but we thought she went to school. It's obvious now that she didn't. You know what Scout did? They put her in the box to start the race and when the box opened, Scout walked out and looked around. Everyone laughed at her. They decided to just let her race the lure without the starting box. Here is her video. It's not very good because we do not have a video camera, this is just Mama's regular camera. Mama is tickled to have this memory though.

This is me running. Again, the quality is not very good, but Mama loves it. Even replaying this gets me excited.

After the race we were cooled down and later we were given yogurt and we each received a medal. A photographer was at the fun run taking photos. Mama hopes to frame the photos with our medals. She is so proud of us.

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