Monday, June 8, 2009

We are tired!

We are home! We arrived home around 4 p.m. yesterday. It was an 8 hour trip, but it wasn't as bad as Mama expected it to be. We stopped three times, so that made it nice.

This is what we have done most of today. We did stay in the office with Mama. We didn't want her to get lonely.

We had storms this morning, so Mama tried something that she learned at the greyhound event. A vet spoke to the group and gave all sorts of tips. His assistant has a dog that is scared of storms like me and she puts a t-shirt on him during storms. She makes it tight around the stomach and then ties it with a rubber band. Guess what? I didn't get scared during the storm this morning! We have more storms coming tonight, so Mama said she will try it again and hopefully it continues to work for me.

Scout gave me a strange look, but I don't care. If it keeps me from getting so scared, it is worth it.

The greyhound who is trying to conquer his storm fears

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