Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Come on a walk with us!

The time is 6:40 a.m. The temperature is 71, dew point is 68 and the humidity is 94%. We are going for our morning walk and we are taking you with us today.

We live out in the country. We only have one neighbor that lives past us and they have a log cabin. We don't have much traffic on our road.

You never know what we will see on our walks. We sometimes see deer, rabbits, turkey, turtles and snakes.

We live on a gravel road. It used to hurt our feet, but not any more. It's not as hot as pavement, so it's not that bad.

See, I told you we lived out in the country. We own 10 acres, but most of it is woods and we don't do anything with it. We have been trying to sell a five acre lot, but no one wants it due to the economy. A lake is behind our house, but you can't see it in the summer and Scout and I have never actually been to it. Mama is scared to walk us through the woods because of snakes. She and Daddy used to go fishing all the time, but I don't think they have done that since I have been around and that is almost 3 years now.

Oh, this fell out of the tree during the storms.

We have wild flowers along our road.

This is our favorite rock. We think all the wildlife here must like this rock too because it always has new smells. Turn away please as we mark our rock to show everyone that it is ours.
We are headed back home now. Scout gets tired on walks. She prefers to run in the yard.

Oh, here is that storm victim again.
Here's our mailbox and our greyhound banner.
This is our house.
Thanks for joining us on our walk. Sorry that we did not see any wildlife today. They must all still be in bed. Be sure and check for ticks. Ticks are really bad here right now. We didn't really get in the tall grasses today, so you should be okay but sometimes they still hitch a ride on us and Mama.

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