Thursday, June 25, 2009

First, No Camping and Now This

Mama left us home today while she went to the store. Do you know what she did? She forgot to leave the TV on for us!!! I couldn't believe it. She knows I love to lay in bed and watch my shows. I love my soaps and all the court shows. I watch the news in the morning and we always look at the pet of the day on our local TV news. Scout and I have both had our pictures on that show. Anyway, back to today's events. She came home and started putting things away. She looked at me and asked me if they were predicting any storms for the day. (Yes, I watch the radar.) I just looked at the blank TV screen. She then said "OMG Jack, I forgot to leave the TV on for you. I'm so sorry." I planned on really playing up that I was upset, but she seemed really sorry. I missed Guiding Light, so I don't know if Philip told anyone he is dying. Mama read on Facebook that he only has three months to live on the show. Strangely, that's how long the show has. It's going off the air in September. Well, we have to wait until tomorrow now to find out what happened because she didn't turn the TV on for us. I bet Mama doesn't forget to leave it on for me the next time she leaves me. It was scary with the house being so quiet while she was gone.

Mama made us more frosty treats after she got back from the store and she bought us a big bag of dog food. Scout and I did the happy dance over the dog food. We always get excited when she brings in a bag of food for us. I don't know why. We know that this is our forever home, but it sure is nice to see that we have food. LOL

Mama is still trying to make up to me. She moved my bed to the sunbeam, so I'm going to catch a few rays before dinner.

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