Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 2 of Vacation

Today, Mama and Daddy went out and Scout and I stayed in the motor home. It was 90 degrees here today, so we were happy to be in our air conditioned motor home. Mama gave us frosty treats when they left. I think it makes her feel less guilty. We just laid around and napped and watched our TV shows. It's like being at home.

Mama said they went to Jesse James home. It's where he was living when he was killed. There is a bullet hole in the wall where he was shot. Mama said it was interesting to see his home and some of his belongings. They went to Patee Museum which is next door. Mama said it was really interesting. They had cars, trains, trolley cars, toys, plus a town was set up inside and you could walk through all the shops as they would have looked in the 1800's. The site is where the Pony Express left from St. Joseph. After that, they went to Godfather's Pizza. We don't have one near us and Mama has been wanting it for over two years. She said it was a buffet, so she ate as much as she wanted.

Tonight, we went for a walk around the campground. The camp host saw us and gave us treats. We thought that was pretty neat.

Mama got hurt last night. She fell down. Can you believe that? It wasn't my fault, but she was walking me. She ended up scraping both hands and one knee. She thought at first that she broke her wrist, but it's better today. I hope nothing else bad happens on our trip.

Tomorrow, I think we are just hanging out around the campground. We haven't walked any of the trails yet. Wednesday, we head to Abilene.

The Greyhound who loves to camp!

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