Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ready to hear my secret?

June 30th is a special day. You know why?

Today is my "Gotcha Day". Three years ago today, I moved into my forever home! This photo was taken the day after I moved in. My face was a lot darker back then. Mama has started turning me grey. LOL

I can't believe it has been three years already! I was born and raced in Kansas. I only raced eight times and when I didn't make enough money, I was abandoned. You read that correctly. I was abandoned in a barn along with 24 other greys. Luckily, a man looked inside the barn before he demolished it and found us. Five of us, along with my half-brother, Woody were brought to St. Louis on Easter weekend. Mama and Daddy came into Petco looking for a greyhound in June. Mama really wanted a fawn, but the fawn was not a good match for them. The following week, Mama and Daddy were asked if they wanted to walk me in a parade. They were so impressed with me because I wasn't scared of the bands, fire engines or kids. They decided to adopt me, but asked if they could wait a little while because Daddy was changing jobs. It turns our that Daddy had to go out of town for an unknown amount of time and Mama didn't want to be by herself. The adoption group rushed through my adoption papers and I moved in sooner than expected. Mama said she rushed all over town getting things ready for me.

Mama told me she was so scared waiting for me to arrive. She said my size scared her since she only had lap dogs in the past. After I arrived, I settled right in. I played with toys and chewed on bones. When Daddy arrived home from work, the first thing he said to me was "You look a lot bigger in a house!" We've been a happy family ever since.

Today, Mama took Scout and I for a long walk. The weather is great here after our 11 day heat wave. I'm sure tonight I will get a frosty treat. Daddy is out of town, so I'm kind of sad about that, but Mama is here and she is the one with the food.

Every day is a fun day in my forever home!

A greyhound who loves retirement

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