Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Camping For Us

We were supposed to go camping this weekend at a local state park. Daddy's Dad and his wife were going to come over for dinner. It would have been a fun time. Well, Mama canceled last night!

Why? She said it is going be too hot. We have been in a heatwave for well over a week now and this Saturday they are predicting it to be 97-100 without the heat index. We have camped in 100 degree weather before, but Mama said we do not have shade or any water to get it at this park. She said our feet would get hot walking on the pavement. She said that we would basically be sitting in the motor home all weekend and it would be boring. She's probably right, but we really wanted to go. We haven't been camping for two weeks. Our next trip is not planned until July 31st! Can you imagine? We are going to go through extreme camping withdrawals.

By the way, that time we camped in 100 degree weather was not fun at all. LOL

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