Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Did It Again!

I tore off another tag.  LOL   I'm know longer scared of the tag police.  First, they have to find me.  Then, they have to catch me.  That's not going to happen!    Tags beware, I'm going to get all of you! 

Mama and Daddy are doing much better.  We all actually slept through the entire night last night.  We haven't done that in over a week.  Daddy was still not feeling normal yesterday, but sleeping through the night is a good sign.

Well, folks, my Mama is now unemployed.  Yep, the company called her at 3 p.m. Friday to tell her that they were no longer using contractors effective immediately.  She knew it was coming because it was hard to get work this past week, but she really thought they would string her along for a few more weeks. She was shocked that they actually called her. She expected to just get an email from them.  She is sad. She has not been completely unemployed since she was a teenager. Mama said we will need to cut back a little, but we will be fine.  Her job really didn't pay much.  We got a bully stick order yesterday and I think that is it until Mama finds a new job. 

We are not going to to the park today.  It's pretty cold here for one thing and the folks still need to take it easy, plus I hurt my foot yesterday.  I'm not telling anyone what I did, but I hurt it.  Mama keeps asking me what I did and I'm not telling.  I'm doing better than yesterday, but I'm still limping. 

The Greyhound Who Is Getting Good At Removing Tags

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