Monday, February 20, 2012

We Survived Our Company!

We had a busy weekend.  Saturday, we went to the park.  We walked around the campground which is getting kind of boring.  However, Daddy took us through the woods. There really wasn't a path and we just walked in the leaves.  It was fun!  After our walk, we drove through the park to look for dogs and deer.  We saw one deer, but no dogs.  Normally we see a few dogs.  There is a Jack Russell that walks there and he just walks circles around his Mama.  She always looks a little irritated.  I think her hands must get tired because she keeps having to move the leash from hand to hand so that he doesn't get tangled up.

Yesterday, the Grandparents came over.  Mama and Daddy made us nervous with all the cleaning.  They even washed one of our beds.  We were were told to be on our best behavior, but what is that?  Mama said no jumping, no kissing and no pestering.  What fun is that?   So, they finally arrived and we went outside to greet them.  It was hard not to give them a big kiss.  That is what we do when our other Grandparents come over.  They came in the house and the Grandmother sat in Scout's spot on the couch.  Scout just stared at her, but it didn't make her move.  Scout then went up to her and tried to give her a kiss in the face, but she was told by Daddy to get back.  We sniffed them a lot and tried to make friends with them, but they were not impressed.  Finally, I just shook my whole body and my hair went all over.   The Grandmother said that I need to be vacuumed. We watched a few of my races, but they were not impressed.  I swear, these people just can't be won over.  Later in the day, all the humans left to go out to eat.  When they came back, we were excited again.  The Grandparents didn't understand why we were excited since they had only been gone a few hours.  The Grandmother sat in Scout's spot again and this time Scout and I both stared her down.  Mama said it looked like we were ready to pounce.  I think that did it because they got up and left.  LOL   Mama's right.  We will never win them over. Some people just don't realize how wonderful it is to share their live with pets.  Mama says it would be so lonely coming home to an empty house.  She loves seeing our heads in the window when she pulls in the driveway.  We make her smile!

The Greyhound Who Enjoyed Having Company Even If  They Didn't Like Him

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