Monday, February 27, 2012

Tired Today

Thank you to everyone for your words of support about my upcoming surgery.  Mama was upset over it Saturday night.  She feels really sad that I am going to have another surgery and she hates putting me through it.  However, she thinks it is necessary for me to have a normal life.   I hurt my foot two weeks ago and it is just getting back to normal.  That's what happens.  I bang my foot or whatever I do and it takes 2-3 weeks for it to get better again.  The vet agreed with Mama that the plate and screws could be bothering me.  The x-rays didn't show any problems, so it's not like a screw has backed out.  I just don't have much "padding" between the plate and my skin.  If taking the plate out doesn't help, I will just have to take pain medication.  We are very hopeful that it will help. Plus, it's not good for the bone to grow over the plate which is already happening.  Mama just wants it to be over with and hopes that I'm not in pain for very long after the surgery.  If the staples come out in 10-14 days, don't you think I will be feeling okay by then?   I think I will just be really bruised for a few days.  Why are they using staples instead of stitches that dissolve?  I told you Mama asks lots of questions, but she didn't think of that one until we got home.  We wish my surgery could be sooner, but my vet has conferences to attend next week and he was booked up this week.

Yesterday, I was tired from my vet visit.  They took an x-ray and then they took blood and did an EKG to make sure I was ready for surgery.  I didn't realize how tiring it was until the next day.  However, when Daddy asked if we wanted to go to the park, I was ready.  He said I could jump in the Jeep myself, so that was cool.  We went to the state park near our house.  We walked in the woods which is my favorite thing to do.  We didn't walk as far as we had on Monday, but it was enough.  My vet was impressed that I walked a mile on Monday and it didn't bother me.  After our walk, we drove through the park and looked for other dogs and deer.  We only saw one dog.  Mama kept telling me what a good boy I was in the Jeep.  I didn't whine like I normally do.  After we got home, everyone but Mama took naps.  At dinner time, Mama said she had a coupon for a free pizza and asked if we wanted to go with her to get it.  OH BOY!  TWO RIDES IN ONE DAY!  I was a good boy again and didn't whine.  Mama commented that I seemed to have changed in the last week.  I've become more loving, a little calmer and I was riding better in the Jeep.  Am I growing up?  Maybe, maybe not.  LOL  Mama said she hopes I continue being this good.  I'm not saying what is going on because I have to keep her guessing. 

This morning, I am still tired, but that's normal for a Monday.  I look for rabbits whenever I go outside.  How do you like my stand?  Mama liked that my tail was up somewhat like a Pointer. I had been sitting in the yard, but stood up when Mama pointed the camera at me.  Those darn bunnies drive me crazy!  

Wow, this was a long post.  I need to get in a nap before I move to the deck for another nap.

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