Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rainy Day

It's a rainy day here.  We had a wonderful week of weather.  It was sunny and warm.  I made good use of the deck. 

On the last day of January, I had an encounter with a bee.  Can you believe that?  I'm scared of bees when I'm outside, but he followed me inside the house.  Well, he was in my territory so the battle was on.  Mama heard me dancing around in the kitchen and she saw me chasing a bee.  She said "No, Joey!" and that's when I snapped at the bee and into my mouth he went.  I then spit him out and Mama stepped on him.  No more bee.  Mama was concerned that I was stung.  She checked the bee and the stinger was still on it..  She checked my mouth and all was fine. Thank goodness I was not stung.

Well, the next day, another bee chased me.  I ran into the house and hid.  I stayed in for a while after that.  I can't believe bees are already out.  Mama said if bees are out, snakes could be out.  Yikes!

Mama found out some surprising news yesterday.  As you may know, Mama works from home. She has worked from home for 16 years.  The first ten years she had a great paying job and she even had her own business for 14 years.  The past six years have been tough. The great paying job went away and the economy caused her business to close.  Six years ago she started working for company "A".  She worked for them for a little over a year and they sent the job to India.  She immediately started working for company "B".  It's the exact same job except the pay is not good.  Mama loves the work though and the hours are very flexible. Well, she found out yesterday that company "A" has purchased company "B".  ::::sigh:::  That can't be good.  She figures it's just a matter of time before her job ends.  Remember back in November, she had three jobs.  Well, one job ended and they are still processing her paperwork on the other one.  Maybe the other one will start when her current one ends?  Mama says life is full of changes and we just need to go with it.  At least she will be not loosing a big salary this time. 

Mama was happy to hear that other people have seen the type of collar that she made Scout.  She made me one and Daddy said it definitely pulls tighter on me when I pull.  He said that's a good thing.  I'm not so sure about that.  She purchased more hardware, so it looks like more collars are headed our way.

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