Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My February Collar

Mama likes to make us collars for the holidays.  Last night, she made me my February collar. I look nervous, don't I?
If you notice, this collar is made differently than my other collars.  Mama ordered hardware for our collars last week and discovered this new piece that is being used on martingale collars.  She was excited to try it, but also nervous.  She showed it to Daddy to see if he thought it would be safe and he said he thinks it's safer than the old style. We are still being very cautious as we test it out.

The chain takes the place of the material that is normally used that draws together to keep us from backing out of our collars. All the metal that you see comes welded together.  Mama and Daddy both think the chain pulls tighter and quicker than the material does.  Mama's biggest concern was that the chain might break, but Daddy says it won't.  Joey is a puller and some of his collars have been replaced because he wears through the material.  This may be a good option for him.   It took Mama a while to figure out how to make the collar, but once she did, she said it's so much easier than the old style. 

(Yes, I do have a leash on.  It's just not showing up in these photos.)  

If you are interested in making your own collars, here is the place that Mama orders her hardware from. Martingale Collars  You can order a kit to get you started.  That's what Mama did.  Mama doesn't get a commission or anything if you order.  She just thought some of you would be interested in making your own collars. 

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