Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Almost The Weekend!

Mama says it has been a boring week, but I have to disagree.  I am enjoying spending my days on the deck.  We have had great weather this week. Daddy is out of town though, so that's a bummer.  Today is Mama's birthday, so I think she is a little sad that Daddy is not home, but she still has us.  Scout and I plan to have a "Roo Fest" later.  We will sing to her.  We can only do that when Daddy is out of town since he is the fun police.

Since we really don't have much to report to you today, we thought we would show you our St. Pat's Day collars.  I didn't feel like sitting up for the photos, so Scout is our main model today.

The material has shamrocks over a rainbow with sparkles.  Mama fell in love with the material, but then didn't know if it was manly enough for me.  She decided I could pull it off.  She put a liner on the underside of the collar because the material is a little rough. 

The Greyhound Who Is Ready For St. Pat's Day

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