Thursday, February 9, 2012

Returning To Semi-Normal

It has been a strange week here.  Mama is finally feeling better.  She still is not showering at the normal time, but at least she is showering.  Daddy is still not feeling well, but we think he is going to work later today.  He is dressed, but he taking his time about leaving.  Scout said that Daddy rarely misses work and two and half days in a row has never happened before.

Last night, I finally had the living room to myself.  It's been a slumber party all week long and the first two nights, I just left and went to the office.  Who can sleep with the humans making all sorts of noises? 

Mama said she is going to disinfect the house today.  I'm not sure if it does any good since they have both been sick, but it makes her feel better. 

We hope we have some more interesting posts in the near future.  Mama said giving details about this week would just be giving out way too much information and might turn off a number of our readers.  LOL

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