Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scout Has Something To Say

I let Joey do most of the blogging these days because I have other things to do like sleeping.  However, I need to say something today.  People always comment on how big I am.  Many people think I'm a boy.  I'm tall and I'm long and yes, I am big-boned..  I'm taller than Joey.  I'm definitely a tomboy.  Well, let me just say that if I wasn't a big girl, I would have a real problem with Joseph.  The boy is a bully!  He loves to push me out of the way when anyone is petting me.  He doesn't want their attention, he just doesn't want me to get it. When we are waiting to get our leashes on to go outside, Joey bumps into me.  Daddy says we are playing bumper dogs.  If I was a small girl, I would be flying across the room instead of standing my ground.  Yes, sometimes it's good to be big.

The Greyhound Who Can Hold Her Own Next To The Big Boys

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