Monday, January 2, 2012

We Have A Ramp!

Our ramp is complete!  It's fun!  Here is the view from the top.

Mama is ordering this sign to hang over the "starting gate".

Mama took a video of Scout using the ramp.  This is not her first time on it.  The first time, she came right down. This time, she is being typical Scout.  She is doing it her way.

Here I am coming down the ramp.  Daddy thought Mama was taking a still picture of me, so he wouldn't let me go through the "starting gate" right away.  I have to wear a leash so that Mama can catch me since I'm not allowed to run through the yard on my own yet.

They are going to the store today to buy the fencing that will keep us in a smaller area of the yard so that we can use our ramp.  We are excited!

The Greyhound Who Likes Being In A Starting Gate Again

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