Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mama Funny

We are tired this morning!  We went to the park yesterday and I think it was more of a short hike than a walk.  We walked through mud, water, tall brush and we climbed over trees.  I kept thinking that this must be what the hikes are like for my sister, Bunny.  I didn't know that you could go off the trail.  I thought you had to stay on it, but we there was a huge tree blocking the road and we had to go around it.  It was fun.  The trail ended at a cemetery that was started in the 1800's.  It's where the founders of the town are buried.  Their family gave the land to the state and that's why it is a state park now. 

We came home and slept. 

Then we watched the sun set.

Then we chewed some bully sticks.

Then we slept some more.

It was a good day!

Okay, so do you want to hear the funny about Mama.  Scout said I should tell everyone.  I'm not sure why she wants me to do it and not her.  Do you think she is trying to get me in trouble?  She's actually smarter than she lets on.  Anyway, I'll go for it.  Mama hurt her back on Thursday.  She wasn't having the normal spasms that she has when it acts up, so that was good.  However, on Saturday, her legs were really, really hurting.  She said her legs had never hurt that much before.  It was really hard to walk with a back that hurt and now her legs hurt, too. She thought maybe her legs were hurting because she was walking funny.  See, when her back hurts, she can't stand up straight and she kind of tilts to the left.  Saturday night, a light bulb went off in her head.  She was really embarrassed when she realized why her legs were hurting.  Are you ready for it?  Her legs were hurting because she had been told to stretch her back out by laying on the floor and lifting her knees to her chest.  She did that several times on Friday.  Well, Mama is so out of shape that her legs were just sore from exercising.  ROFL  Her legs were okay on Sunday.  Silly Mama!   Her back is better.  It's still sore, but she can walk pretty normal now.  She can almost turn over in bed without too much trouble.  I think she will be all better in another day or two.  She thinks her back problems stem from a car accident she was in when she was 12.  She hit the windshield and broke it.  That was before you had to wear a seat belt.  That car didn't even have seat belts!  Can you imagine?  Well, she hurt her neck in the accident.  About ten years later, she remembers her back going out and since then, she has had trouble  She tries not to lift anything heavy, but sometimes it just goes out.

It's going to be a beautiful day here.  I am going to spend the day on the deck.

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