Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day!

It's a nasty day here.  We don't have much snow, but there is ice under it.  Driving is really rough out there.  We have our police scanner on and it's just a mess. The police keep reporting that it is a sheet of ice.  Daddy hasn't left for work yet because traffic is just stuck so Mama told him he would be better off sitting at home than sitting in traffic.  He actually listened to her this morning.  I think it helps that he is hearing all the accidents on the scanner. 

Mama is very nervous about me going outside.  She is so scared that I'm going to get hurt.  Are all Mama's nervous like that?  I've been good and haven't gotten too crazy with the snow.  I've done a couple of dances in it, but no zoomies.  I actually sat in the snow for a while.  It was cool on my bottom.  The cold and snow does bother my foot.  Mama says the Greyhound Expressway will be used on a limited basis today.  It's very cold here and the wind is going to get strong later in the day.

Our bird feeders are getting quite a work out this morning.
I'm already driving Mama crazy telling her that I need to go outside even though I just want to go out and explore in the snow.  She keeps telling me to take a nap.  Who can sleep when it's a SNOW DAY?
Well, Daddy just left for work.  We hope he does okay.  He took our Jeep.  Mama would have liked for him to wait a little longer, but he's stubborn.

The Greyhound Who Would Love To Be Able To Play In The Snow

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