Friday, January 20, 2012

Darn Bunnies!

As you know, we have a lot of trouble with bunnies here.  We wouldn't have trouble if Mama would let me off leash.  I know I could catch them.  I can get within two feet of them and then they move.  If I wasn't on a leash...well, they wouldn't be laughing at me.  I would show them how fast a greyhound really is.

Last week, there was snow on the ground.  Scout was outside in the enclosure and she was barking.  Daddy was outside watching her and Mama asked who was barking because we are not allowed to bark.  Daddy said it was Scout and Mama was amazed that Daddy was allowing her to bark because he really does not like us to bark.  He said she was barking at the rabbit.  Daddy then did something really amazing.  He took some snow and made a snowball and then he threw it at the bunny and hit it.  LOL  That bunny didn't know what had happened.  The bunny ran into our shed.  Mama was amazed because Daddy was on the deck and it is a pretty good distance to the bunny. 

 The shed that the bunny ran into.

 This is the bunny.  It's not a good photo because it was taken from the deck and it's pretty far away.

 Me watching that darn bunny!

Scout and I being teased by the bunny.  Mama threw rocks at him, but she didn't scare him at all.  We definitely need another snowball to get him.

The Greyhound Who Is Plotting A Way To Get The Bunny

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