Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Fun Day Again!

Daddy arrived home from California very late on Thursday night.  It was almost Friday morning.  We were very excited to see him, but disappointed we had to go to bed right after he got home.  He had to work on Friday, so we didn't really see him until Friday night.  It's nice to have him home again.

Mama's back has been hurting since Thursday.  She lifted up a bag of salt and that's all it took for it to act up. Scout says it doesn't take much for her back to get messed up.   You should have seen how funny she was walking yesterday. She said it's feeling better today, so we might be able to go to the park. We are just waiting for the final word on that.

Here we are waiting.

 I probably should get a power nap in while I wait.

The weather is supposed to be in the 60's tomorrow.  I will definitely be camped out on the deck soaking in the sun.

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