Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Surprise Visitor

Yesterday, we had a surprise visitor.  No, it wasn't a squirrel, rabbit or raccoon. However, there was a rabbit in my enclosure last night, but that's not what I'm talking about.  Mama's best friend called and said she was coming to town with her brother and wondered if Mama wanted to go to lunch.  They have known each other since second grade.  They talk every day, but don't see each other very often because she lives in another state.  They saw each other at Mama and Daddy's surprise anniversary party but before that, it had probably been seven years since they visited.  So, Mama said "sure, come on over!"  
It was fun having her over.  I chattered and chattered.  She thought it was so funny.  I showed her my new ramp and my toys.  She laughed when I played with my toys.  I put on a good show for her, I think.   They went out for lunch and drove around all the areas they visited as kids.  They visited their old grade school because it has changed a lot since they met there 40 years ago.  Yep, they have known each other for 40 years.  That is crazy!  Mama had been wanting to do this sort of thing for a long time, but it had never worked out before.  Her friend lost her job in August, so now she has more free time and it just worked out that her brother wanted to catch up with an old friend of his.  It was a fun day for Mama and us.

I think today will be just a regular day and I hope I can catch up on the sleep that I didn't get to catch up on yesterday as planned.

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