Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We survived Jack's birthday.  Mama was sad and cried, but she is much better today.  She said we need to plan to be away on the anniversary of his death because it will be difficult to be here and remember everything that happened that day.  I'm sure that Daddy will be happy to take us camping on that weekend.

I am like Jack in that I love being outside.  I love the deck the way he did.

If I had my way, I would be outside a lot more than I am.  I was outside yesterday and it was 24 degrees.  I just laid in the sun.

Mama said "Joey, it's 24 degrees, get your butt inside."  I was like, but Mama, it feels good in the sun!

Do you like my enclosure?  It's pretty small.  We had it bigger, but it was going down the hill and Scout starting doing zoomies and jumping over the concrete steps and Mama got very, very nervous.  We will increase the size in a few months.  

This morning, there was a bunny in the enclosure.  I swear those bunnies are bold. 

Do you know what?  Dr. Bone, a doctor from the hospital that fixed my leg, was on TV last night.  He was on My First Place on HGTV.  They showed the hospital.  I thought for sure that I would be shown since I was there so much, but it was taped before I even came to St. Louis.  We thought it was pretty neat to see him on TV.  He is one of the people that signed my cast!

The Greyhound Who Loves Being Outside

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