Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sundays Are Fun Days!

Sundays are usually the best day of the week for me.  Saturdays are good, but the folks usually go somewhere without us.  Sundays are usually family days.  We spend the day together and most of the time we go the park.  We are getting ready to go to the park, but we are waiting for the temperature to go up a little.  It's 36 degrees and windy.  I'm ready to go, but Mama said we need to wait a little longer. 

Yesterday, Mama and Daddy brought home a fireplace.  It's actually for the motor home, but we are going to use it until we are ready to go camping.  Daddy has been talking about getting one for the motor home for a while and Mama didn't pay much attention until they went to the RV show last week. She loved how they looked in the RV's.  We have the perfect spot for it in the motor home.  We will use it instead of our space heater.  It's electric.

Here it is in our house.
The mantle clock was my Grand Dad's.  He died 25 years ago this year.  Mama has never had a place to put it until now, but this is just temporary since the fireplace will be moved in March.   The mantle on their old fireplace wasn't wide enough for it.

Remember the blanket that Mama got for Christmas?  It's behind me in these pictures.

Mama received a coupon code the other day and wanted to pass it on.

Offer good for our Large Woven Photo Blanket (71" x 53")
Discount Expires 2/20/12 12:59 PM EST
Normal price is: $128.00 Price after discount is applied: $76.80

Hope everyone has a nice "Fun Day"!
The Greyhound Who Is Headed To The Park

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