Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anniversary Wishes / Leg Update

Thank you everyone for the six month anniversary wishes.  Mama and I read through the blog from the time that I came home until now.   We had forgotten all the rough times that we had with the cast, the medication, using a sling, worrying about sores, etc., etc.  We are so glad that it is now and not then.

We were asked how my leg is doing.  It's not as good as Mama hoped it would be, but we are still hoping it will get better.  We are hoping that once the plate and screws come out that I will feel better.  I took off running in the house right before Christmas and that hurt.  Little red dots showed up along my scar, so we think that was from the screws.  I limped for quite a while after that and Mama put me back on full doses of my medication.  I'm better now and normally just take a half of a pill a day, but some days I need a full pill.  I'm stiff when I first get up, but I think that is just normal for me.  My foot doesn't really place correctly when I stand, but that could be from my bones being fused together.  I don't always put full weight on my foot.  The cold weather bothers my foot because that plate gets cold in my foot.  I'm supposed to be able to run in another month, but after my house run in December, Mama doesn't think I will be able to run until the plate comes out because of those screws.  I will have to have a surgery to get the plate out, so that's a little scary, but in the long run, it seems like it will be for the best.   Don't get me wrong, I really don't feel bad.  The pain medication works. Mama just didn't think I would still need it.  I hope this doesn't sound like we are down about my leg, because we are not.  We are just hoping that it improves after the plate comes out and if it doesn't, well, I may just have to take medication when necessary.  It's definitely better than it was six months ago.

This is how I spent my six month anniversary.

In the evening, Scout and I chewed on bully sticks.  We also had some boiled chicken.  Yum!

Daddy is out of town this week.  Mama said we are not driving her too crazy this week.  The last time he was out of town, we really pushed her buttons.  LOL

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