Monday, January 9, 2012

Nice Weekend

We had a nice weekend.  Saturday, we went to the park and walked and walked.  Scout thought we walked too much, but I wanted to keep going.  Mama said that I did walk too much though because my leg was sore after we got home.  It was worth it to me.

Saturday night, Grandma and Grandpa came over and got to see our Greyhound Expressway. Grandpa had helped build it, but he didn't see the official sign until Saturday night.  He thought it was pretty cool.

Yesterday, we just hung out.  I was tired.

Last week, we had computer problems.  A Trojan attached itself to our computer and didn't want to leave.  Mama kept removing it and it kept coming back.  It got so bad that she couldn't boot up the computer.  Mama decided to re-install Windows.  She didn't know if it would fix it, but she had to try.  She had read that all of her pictures and documents would be gone, but to her surprise, everything was still there.  She installed a new anti-virus and has been running the heck out of it and so far, the computer has been running great.  She still needs to back up all of our pictures in case the computer dies.  She does it from time to time, but hasn't done in the last few months. Scout said that Mama used to really get upset if the computer had problems, but I thought she was pretty calm about it.  I guess she is learning not to sweat the small stuff even though the computer is necessary for work.  She has a laptop, but it's harder to use for work.

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